Wabi-Sabi Wedding Inspiration

This post Wabi-Sabi Wedding Inspiration first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

The latest buzzword is wabi-sabi, the Japanese art of appreciating beauty in the ‘naturally imperfect world’. Today we have a fabulous wabi-sabi inspired styled wedding shoot that really shows that not everything in life, and in weddings, has to be perfect. Sometimes imperfections can be just as beautiful.

The incredibly talented Andri Benson from Always Andri has styled and created such a beautiful wedding inspiration shoot using natural elements and items that are ‘imperfect’. We love the wedding cake with its obvious cracks, the flowers that are wild and free, and the bride’s hairstyle with it’s loose, escaping strands.

Bride with hand on groom's chest as he looks away

Sometimes people can get caught up in wedding planning, trying to make sure that everything is perfect and neat. Maybe it doesn’t have to be. Maybe we should all take inspiration from this ancient Japanese art and see the world for what it really is, not what we ‘think’ it should look like.

Be free, be wild, be imperfect!

Huge thanks to the very talented team who helped Andri bring her vision of a wabi-sabi inspired wedding to life, and to Siobhan H Photography for these fabulous pictures.

Celebrating Imperfections

“Nature and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi inspired this wedding shoot. Wabi-sabi is about appreciating the beauty in everything around us. It celebrates the imperfections and the transient nature of life, and I really wanted to bring those elements to the shoot.”

Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge wedding venue

Blossom in tree

Rear of Pembroke Lodge

Wabi-sabi inspired wedding table styling

Wabi-sabi inspired wedding place setting

Menu at wedding place setting

Floral wedding table centrepiece

Wabi-sabi wedding cake with cracked icing design

Untamed Characteristics of Nature

“A crack in the cake is highlighted rather than masked, making it more glorious than before, like the Kintsugi tradition in Japanese ceramics. The beautiful florals reflect the untamed characteristics of nature. They are not forced to hold a perfect arrangement, instead they’re wild and full of movement. The crockery is not a perfect circular shape, but is somehow perfect because of this. The stationery and invitations also carry a rustic elegance.”

Wabi-sabi wedding stationery

Wabi-sabi wedding place cards and menu

Wedding rings in bowl

Bridal shoes and bridal bouquet

Bride with plain white dress

Bride holding tree branch

Bride smelling blossom on tree

Bride with half up half down hairstyle Side of bride's half up half down hairstyle

Bride and groom

Bride's wild looking bouquet

View from Pembroke Lodge

Bride and groom in grounds of Pembroke Lodge

Bride hugging groom from behind

Laid-Back Style

“We chose the bridal wear for its fluidity of movement and laid-back style. It fitted so well with the natural and breathtaking surroundings of Pembroke Lodge.

Bride and groom walking in grounds of Pembroke Lodge

Groom's hands with ring on little finger

Groom in blue suit Groom's buttonhole

Bride holding wild wedding bouquet

Close-up of bride's face

Bride and groom walking holding hands

Bride walking on path

Bride looking over shoulder

Bride and groom sitting at table

Bride holding drink

Bride and groom looking at view from Pembroke Lodge

Bride's face

Back of bride's updo hairstyle Side of bride's updo hairstyle

“We live in a fast-paced world where it is all too easy to lose sight of what is important. By adopting the basic principles of wabi-sabi, we can all approach our wedding day, and married life, with the best possible mindset.”

Bride looking down at bouquet

Bride standing with bouquet

Bride holding bouquet to shoulder

Groom standing with hand in his pocket

Bride and groom standing in Richmond Park

Groom staring at camera

Bride looking over groom's shoulder

Photographer and Creative Director: Siobhan H Photography

Styling: Always Andri

Venue: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond, Surrey

Flowers: Okishima and Simmonds / Chikae Okishima-Howland

Tableware: Classic Crockery

Wedding Dresses: Otaduy

Groom’s Attire: Beggars Run

Make-Up: Susan Yates

Hair: Christine Hillhouse

Jewellery: Melanie Eddy

Stationery: Lizzy May

Cake: Andi Freeman

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon: Kate Cullen

Videography: McGill Sister Films

Models: Moon Saker at Storm and Jack Ellis at AMCK Models

This post Wabi-Sabi Wedding Inspiration first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog


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