Picture of the Month – September 2016

This post Picture of the Month – September 2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

And the winner is… Chris Scott Photography!

Men playing empty oil drums as bride and groom walk down cobbled street - Picture by Chris Scott Photography

This fantastic picture by Chris Scott Photography received the most votes in our poll to win our September 2016 Picture of the Month. Taken on the cobbled streets of Dundee, the picture is from Ashley and Ross’ post wedding shoot, which took place a few days after their wedding. Chris explained how the shot came about…

“We had done the main shoot and wanted to get some urban shots in the city centre. I had a shot in Aberdeen from a previous wedding which Ashley and Ross loved, and I wanted to give them something along those lines.

“Having arrived at the location first I was quickly doing exposure checks before the couple arrived. I saw the two Chinese guys come out the back door of their restaurant into the alleyway to empty the cooking oil cans into a skip. We exchanged pleasantries and they asked what I was doing. I explained I was waiting for my bride and groom and they started laughing and joking among themselves.

“As Ashley and Ross started walking up the alley the guys played the oil drums as if they were ceremonial drums, and were serenading and dancing as Ashley and Ross passed them. It was an opportunist moment and, even though quite surreal, I managed to capture it.

“When I’m not shooting weddings my passion in photography is street/documentary. I am therefore always on the lookout for something out of nothing, and having to capture unplanned moments. It really paid off here.

“Ashley and Ross were over the moon with the image. Even though they’re not the focus of the image they loved it and have a canvason their wall at home. I have to say, it’s one of my favourites too.”

To see more of Chris Scott Photography’s work visit www.chrisscottphotography.co.uk.

This post Picture of the Month – September 2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog


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