Weekly Wedding News 30/09/2016

This post Weekly Wedding News 30/09/2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

From Our Suppliers…


Real Weddings and Bridal Shoots

An Elvetham Hotel wedding, photographed by Maria Assia Photography…

Red shoes of bride laying on bench
© Maria Assia Photography – An Elvetham Hotel wedding


A Kings Acre wedding, photographed by Andrew Keher Photography…

Bride and bridesmaids in rowing boat
© Andrew Keher Photography – A Kings Acre wedding


A Rockbeare Manor wedding, photographed by Thomas Frost Photography…

Bride, groom and wedding guests posing with props
© Thomas Frost Photography – A Rockbeare Manor wedding


A wedding in the south of France, photographed by Jacob and Pauline…

Dog in front of bride and groom
© Jacob and Pauline – A wedding in the south of France


A West Tower wedding, photographed by Ian MacMichael Photography…

Bride and groom outside West Tower
© Ian MacMichael Photography – A West Tower wedding


A Wise Wedding Venue wedding, photographed by Jackson and Co Photography…

Man dressed as Robin Hood taking wedding ceremony
© Jackson and Co Photography – A Wise Wedding Venue wedding


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Looking at wedding ring on finger - Picture by Abi Riley Photography Bride and groom walking with lots of clouds in background - Picture by James Andrew Photography

Two brides touching heads - Picture by Chris Loneragan Photography Bride with veil over face - Picture by Wellington Fugisse

Close up of bride and groom's faces about to kiss in front of city - Picture by Javi Collazo Fotógrafo


Dates for Your Diary…

Wedding Events

Ending 30th September 2016

Ending 1st October 2016

Ending 2nd October 2016

Ending 3rd October 2016

Ending 5th October 2016

Ending 6th October 2016

Ending 8th October 2016

Ending 9th October 2016

Ending 13th October 2016

Ending 14th October 2016

Ending 15th October 2016

Ending 16th October 2016

Ending 20th October 2016

Ending 22nd October 2016

Ending 23rd October 2016

Wedding Fairs, Shows and Open Days

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Wedding Competitions…

Please ensure you check full terms and conditions for wedding competitions before you enter. The Wedding Community accepts no responsibility for third-party competitions.

Have a great weekend.

This post Weekly Wedding News 30/09/2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog


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