Picture of the Month – August 2016

This post Picture of the Month – August 2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

And the winner is… Peter Anslow Photography!

Two bride standing on steps in Rochdale Town Hall - Picture by Peter Anslow Photography

Our congratulations go to Peter Anslow Photography, after this incredible picture received the most votes in our poll to win The Wedding Community’s August 2016 Picture of the Month. Taken at Jenny and Amanda’s Rochdale Town Hall wedding, Peter explained how his wife helped him get this stunning shot…

“I’m so thrilled to have won The Wedding Community’s Picture of the Month for August 2016, especially with the quality of the photographers (and photographs) involved.

“The photo was taken earlier this year at the lovely wedding of Jenny and Amanda at Rochdale Town Hall. It was a venue I had never been to before. So the week before I paid a visit to check out the venue but it was closed. This meant I only had the day of the wedding to look for some great photo opportunities. I wasn’t disappointed.

“I didn’t have much time, and being super self-critical there are one or two things I would have done differently. However, I’m still very pleased with the picture and, more importantly, Jenny and Amanda absolutely love it.

“My wife, Angela, is actually sat on a step behind the couple with my off camera flash. I wanted to show not only the love between Jenny and Amanda, but also the outstanding architecture surrounding them.

“To top the day off, a couple of guests didn’t turn up so Jenny and Amanda asked if we would like to stay and celebrate with them, and we had a lovely meal – perfect!”

To see more of Peter Anslow Photography’s work visit www.peteranslow.co.uk

This post Picture of the Month – August 2016 first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog


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