The Seven Women on Every Hen Weekend

This post The Seven Women on Every Hen Weekend first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog

Hen Party Drinking

It’s happening – the hen weekend is here. Not only is this a chance to celebrate with your best friends, drink and dance until you can do no more, and end the night in a kebab shop, it’s also a time to make friends. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom takes a look at the women you’ll meet on every single hen weekend…

The Sensible One

She’s organised, she doesn’t drink much and she stops you from making a fool of yourself…

She’s, basically, an angel sent down to protect you. If it wasn’t for her that last shot would have been the end of you, and you certainly would not have made it into that taxi at 4am without her strong shoulders leading the way. You’ve got a lot to thank her for.

The School Friend

This girl has known the bride for years, and that’s about it…

She’ll share hilarious stories of that time the hen dumped Tommy White in Year 9 for Jack Henderson in the year above, and the whole school went into meltdown – and you’ll then catch her downing shots in an underground bar.

The Flirt

Librarian by day, complete flirt by night…

This woman is unexpected. She may well be here for her friend, but the lure of a massive night out and various penis-shaped accessories is what really swung it for her. She will, however, get a few free rounds in from the poor, unsuspecting man at the bar – so, silver linings.

The Bad Influence

Get ready for carnage. This woman is the petrol to the hen party fire…

It’s going to be an unforgettable night – she will make sure of it. Shots… why have one when you can have ten? Dancing… she’ll be up on that podium. But, I can guarantee she won’t surface in time for breakfast.

The Older Party Animal

She’s 60, fit and fabulous…

This isn’t her first party, and it certainly isn’t going to be the last. This is not just the bride’s big night, it’s hers, and she will be the first one on that dance floor, attempting the Macarena in a house club (at least she tried).

The Lightweight

There’s always one who can’t handle the cocktails…

She rarely drinks, but on a special occasion, boy, can she cut loose. You’ll spend the night propping her up on the bar, hiding her drinks (although that’s another one for you – score), and putting her in a taxi at exactly 8.30pm.

The Boozy One

This girl has a BIG reputation, and no one will escape her…

Jäger trains, vodka and cocktails – this is all part of her plan. And, if you’re the bride – strap yourself in and get ready to be force fed drinks such as these dangerously strong alcohol concoctions. Good luck.

Article by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom

This post The Seven Women on Every Hen Weekend first appeared on The Wedding Community Blog


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